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Name Dr. Ms. Poonam R. Inamdar
E-mail poonam17_oct@yahoo.co.in
Address KLEU College of Pharmacy J N Medical College Campus
Country India
Phone Number 2476369
Mobile Number 7083518068
Pin Code 590010
Graduation B.Pharm
Specialization Pharmacy
Post Graduation M.Pharmacy
Specialization Pharmaceutical Chemistry
PhD and Ohters PhD
Specialization Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Bioinorganic Chemistry)
Teaching Experience(Total Years) 1years 3 months
Research Experience(Total Years) 5
Industry Experience(Total Years) 0
Designation Assistant Professor
Teaching (Graduate level) 1 year
Teaching (Post-Graduate level) 0
Projects Carried 0
Total Papers published 10
Patents 0
Total Papers Presented 4
Department Pharmaceutical Chemistry



1. DNA binding behavior of mixed ligand vanadium(V) complex based on novel tridentate hydrazone and benzhydroxamic acid ligand systems, Appl. Organometal. Chem., (2016) 1-6.

2. Spectroscopic investigations on partial intercalative binding behaviour of terpyridine based copper(II) complexes with DNA”, J. Photochem. Photobiol. B., Vol 159, (2016) 133-141.

3. DNA interaction and cytotoxic activity of copper complex based on tridentate hydrazone derived ligand and nitrogen donor heterocycle”, Inorg. Chem. Comm., Vol 67 (2016) 67-71

4. Mixed ligand based copper (II) complex and its antimicrobial activity”, Journal of Indian Chemical Society, Vol 92 (2015) 705-707

5. Assessment of DNA binding mode, chemical nuclease activity and docking studies of novel vanadyl complexes”, Journal of Indian Chemical Society, Vol 92 (2015) 627-629.

6. Exploration of DNA binding mode, chemical nuclease, cytotoxic and apoptotic potentials of diketone based oxovanadium(IV) complexes”, International Journal of Biological macromolecules, Vol 76 (2015)

7. Synthesis, Characterization and DNA Binding study of mixed ligand Based Metal Complexes”, International Journal of ChemTech Research, Vol 6 (2014) (8) 3987-3992.

9. Synthesis and DNA binding studies of Zn(II) co-ordination complexes”, Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 584 (2012) 401-405.

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