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Faculty Code of Conduct
SI. No Name of the Faculty Qualification E-mail Id Profile
Department of Pharmaceutics
1 Dr. Panchaxari M. Dandagi M. Pharm, Ph.D pmdandagi@gmail.com View
2 Mrs. Rajashree Masareddy M. Pharm rsmasareddy@klepharm.edu View
3 Dr. Archana S. Patil M. Pharm, Ph.D archupharma@gmail.com View
4 Mr. Sujay Hulyalkar M. Pharm sujayhulyalkar@klepharm.edu View
5 Miss. Umashri Kokatanur M. Pharm umashrikokatanur@klepharm.edu View
6 Mrs. Kishori Sutar M. Pharm kishorirg@gmail.com View
7 Dr. Bhaskar Kurangi M. Pharm, Ph.D bhaskarkurangi19@gmail.com View
8 Mr. Pankaj Patil M. Pharm pankajpatil237@gmail.com View
Department of Pharmacology
9 Dr. N A Khatib M. Pharm, Ph.D khatibnayeem@hotmail.com View
10 Mr. Prakash R. Biradar M. Pharm prakashbiradar@klepharm.edu View
11 Mr. Sanjay Ugare M. Pharm sanjayugare@gmail.com View
12 Mr. Namit M. Kudatarkar M. Pharm namitkudatarkar@klepharm.edu View
13 Miss. Nikita Sadalge M. Pharm nikitasadalage@klepharm.edu View
14 Mr. Sathgowda Patil M. Pharm sathgowdapatil@gmail.com View
15 Mrs. Priyanka Patil M. Pharm priyankapatil@klepharm.edu View
16 Mr. Abhinandan Munnolli M. Pharm abhi.munnoli@gmail.com View
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
17 Dr. Shankar Alegaon M.Pharm, Ph.D sgalegaon@klepharm.edu View
18 Dr. Mahesh Palled M.Pharm, Ph.D mspalled@klepharm.edu View
19 Dr. Meenaxi Maste M.Pharm, Ph. D meenaximaste@klepharm.edu View
20 Dr. Parixit Bhandurge M. Pharm, PhD parixitbhandurge@klepharm.edu View
21 Dr. B M Dinnimath M. Pharm Ph.D basavaraj_dm@yahoo.co.in View
22 Dr. Preeti Salve M.PHARM preetisalve@klepharm.edu View
23 Mr. Kiran N Gaikwad M. Pharm kirangaikwad@klepharm.edu View
24 Ms. Rohini Kavalapure M. Pharm rohinikavalapure@gmail.com View
25 Mr. Shailendra Suryawanshi M.Pharm shailendrasss80@gmail.com View
26 Mr. Nikhil Gawas M. Pharm nikhilsgawas@gmail.com View
27 Mr. Rohan Singadi M. Pharm rohansingadi@gmail.com View
28 Miss. Pooja Kagawad M. Pharm poojakagawad@klepharm.edu View
Department of Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry
29 Dr. S S Jalalpure M.Pharm, PhD jalalpuresunil@rediffmail.com View
30 Dr. M B Patil M.Pharm, PhD patil9367@gmail.com View
31 Dr. Mrs. Kalpana S Patil M.Pharm, PhD kalpatil@yahoo.com View
32 Dr. Pramod H.J M. Pharm, Ph.D pramodhurakadle@yahoo.com View
33 Dr. Satish A. Kavatagimath M.Pharm PhD satishkavatagimath@klepharm.edu View
34 Dr. D. Nityanand Sastry M.Pharm Phd View
35 Mrs. Sneha Patil M. Pharm snehabpatil11@gmail.com View
36 Mr. Akshay Patil M. Pharm pakshay1577@gmail.com View
Department of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance
37 Dr. Vinod S Mannur M.Pharm Ph.D vinodhmannur@yahoo.com View
38 Dr. V.S. Mastiholimath M.Pharm, Ph.D mastiholimath@rediffmail.com View
39 Dr. B R Sharannavar M.Pharm, PhD bhuvi_rs@yahoo.co.in View
40 Dr. Anjana Adhyapak M.Pharm, M.Pharm anju_aaa@yahoo.com View
41 Mrs. Nisha Shirkoli M. Pharm nishashirkoli16@gmail.com View
42 Mr. Veerkumar Japti M. Pharm veerjapti@gmail.com View
Department of Pharmacy Practice
43 Dr. M S GANACHARI M. Pharm, PhD msganachari@gmail.com View
44 Mrs. Shashikala Wali M. Pharm shashikalawali@klepharm.edu View
45 Mrs. Geetanjali Salimath M.PHARM, Ph.D geetanjalisalimath@yahoo.com View
46 Mrs. Manjula G M.Pharm g.manjula273@gmail.com View
47 Dr. Satish Karoli Pharm. D Satish.karoli@gmail.com View
48 Dr. Anushree Deshpande Pharm D View
49 Mr. Revana siddappa D M.PHARM Siddu3pharma@gmail.com View
50 Miss. Aishwarya Hiremath M. Pharm aishwaryahiremath@klepharm.edu View
51 Dr. Mandati Santhosh Reddy Pharm. D mandatisanthoshreddy@gmail.com View
52 Dr. Ashwini Doddannavar Pharma. D ashwiniishwardoddannavar@gmail.com View
53 Mr. Vishwa Rajakumar Byakod M. Pharm vishwabyakod1037@gmail.com View
54 Mr. Vivek Nilkanth Patil M. Pharm vivekvp210@gmail.com View
55 Dr. Gangayya J. Wakkundmath Pharm. D girishwakkundmath@gmail.com View
56 Dr. Pratiksha Kini Pharm. D pratikshankini@gmail.com View

List of teachers who have received state, national or international recognitions/awards
Sl. No Year of Award Department Title of the Paper/ Recognition Name of the Awardee Name of the Awarding Agency with contact details National/ International/ State/ Regional/ university/ Institutional
1 2015-16 Pharmaceutics

Best Teacher award

Dr. P. M. Dandagi KLE University, Belagavi University
2 2015-16 Pharmacology

Best Branch award for Karnataka state

Dr. Sunil S Jalalpure Indian society of Pharmacognosy National
3 2016-17 Pharmaceutics

Pharmacy Teacher of the year (Karnataka) 2016

Dr. A. P. Gadad KAAPTICON, Karnataka state branch State
4 2016-17 Pharmacology

Best teacher Award (2015-16)


Dr. Kirankumar Hullatti KLE University University
5 2016-17 Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Poster Evaluator

Dr. K. K. Hullatti, Dr. V. S Mastiholimath, Dr. S. G. Alegaon 68th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress Conference, Vishakapatanam 16-18th December 2016 National
6 2017-18 Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Best Teacher Award for the year

Dr. S. G. Alegaon KLE University, Belagavi University
7 2017-18 Pharmaceutics

Publication Committee Member (IJPER-Pharmaceutics) APTI-Central

Dr. P. M. Dandagi Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India National
8 2017-18 Pharmacology

Member of Institutional Ethics Committee

Dr. Sunil S Jalalpure KLE V. K. Institute of Dental Sciences, Belagavi. University
9 2017-18 Pharmaceutics

Convener of Research Advisory Committee

Dr. Sunil S Jalalpure KLE University, Belagavi University
10 2017-18 Pharmacy Practice

Member of Research Advisory Committe

Dr. M. S. Ganachari KLE University, Belagavi University
11 2018-19 Pharmacology

Sri Subraya Setty Teacher and Research student (STARS) Award in Pharmaceutical Sciences-2017 Excellent in Academic Research – the teacher Difference Award

Dr. Sunil S Jalalpure American Association of Government College of Pharmacy (Bengaluru) Alumni National
12 2018-19 Pharmacology

ISP Eminence Award

Dr. Sunil S Jalalpure Indian Society of Pharmacognosy National
13 2018-19 Pharmacology

Guest of Honour 23rd Annual National Convention of APTI

Dr. Sunil S Jalalpure Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India (APTI) National
14 2018-19 Pharmacology

Pharmacy Teacher of the Year Award

Dr. Sunil S Jalalpure Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed-to-be University’s Poona College of Pharmacy, Pune, Maharashtra Institutional
15 2018-19 Pharmacology

Best teacher Award

Dr. Nayeem A. Khatib KLE Academy of higher education and research University
16 2019-20 Pharmacology

Co-ordinator and expert

Dr. Pramod H J CCRAS, New Delhi National
17 2019-20 Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Best Speaker Awards in Debate Competition Conducted on Teachers Day Celebration

Mr. Akash Saxena KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research, Belagavi University
18 2019-20 Pharmacology

Best Teacher Award

Dr. Pramod H J KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research, Belagavi University
19 2019-20 Pharmacology

Recognition of Valued Support

Dr. Pramod H J Society for Ethnopharmacology, Kolkata and International Society for Ethnopharmacology SFEC-2020, New Delhi National
20 2020-21 Pharmacology

Award for Research Publications

Dr. Sunil S. Jalalpure VGST, Govt of Karnataka National
21 2020-21 Pharmacology

Cash incentive for Publishing book “Herbal Drug Technology”

Dr. Sunil S. Jalalpure KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research, Belagavi University
22 2020-21 Pharmacology

Cash incentive for financial grant from DBT

Dr. Sunil S. Jalalpure KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research, Belagavi University
23 2020-21 Pharmacy Practice

Reviewer for Journal of Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders (Springer Nature)

Dr. Ramesh Bhandari Journal of Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders (Springer Nature) National
24 2020-21 Pharmacy Practice

Reviewer for International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Dr. Ramesh Bhandari International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research National
25 2020-21 Pharmacy Practice

Executive Editor of Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice

Dr. M. S. Ganachari Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice National
26 2020-21 Pharmaceutics

Nominated member for incubation centre

Dr. U. B. Bolmal KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research, Belagavi University