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About Department : 
Flagship Activity Community Training Reconstitutioin 2400 bed Clinical Practie Site Model Pharmacy

In the year 2000, the Department of Pharmacy Practice of KLE College of Pharmacy, Belagavi, was established. The Department of Pharmacy Practice is located at the KLE Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital and Medical Research Center, Belagavi, which is a 2400 bed multi-specialty teaching hospital. The department primarily provides clinical pharmacy services according to the need of the patients and health care professionals. Clinical pharmacy services include drug information services, patient counselling, monitoring adverse drug reactions, medication reconciliation, medication therapy management, health screening program, community outreach program, clinical research, and continuing Pharmacy education program.

The department has adequate well-trained, enthusiastic faculty members with ample experience. We have faculty with different expertise in the different departments such as General medicine, cardiology, oncology, nephrology, psychiatry, emergency medicine, and gynaecology, and obstetrics working in thrust areas of the individual department. Collaborations with various national and international organizations or institutes strengthen the training of the students. Faculties are also associated with different committees in KLE hospital such as Pharmacy & Therapeutic Committee and KAHER Institutional Ethics Committee.

The department periodically organizes conferences, workshops, guest lectures, seminars, and symposiums at the various national and international levels. The department conducts one annual flagship training program each year entitled ‘Advance Academic Training Programme (AATP)’ on different themes every year and another conference ‘National Pharm. D Colloquium (NPC)’ which is being conducted every year. The department also organizes the guest lectures as per the need of the students.

The expanding roles of the department include total parenteral nutrition services, reconstitutions of the cytotoxic drugs, pharmaceutical care, and clinical research in disease management.

 Key features:

  • Experience more than 21 years in catering clinical pharmacy education and services
  • World-class infrastructure
  • Distinguished Alumni in key positions all around the globe
  • Collaborations with universities abroad
  • Continuing Pharmacy Educational Programs
  • Community programs (Health camps)

 Core competencies:

  • Total Parenteral Nutrition services
  • Cytotoxic drug reconstitution services
  • Pharmaceutical care services
  • Clinical Research
  • Drug information services
  • Detection and reporting of ADRs
  • Drug Utilization and Evaluation
Community Pharmacy Practice Sites 

Model Pharmacy for Practice 







KLE College Of Pharmacy Administered 
Jan Aushadhi Generic Drug  Store 

Community Pharmacy Practice:

Community pharmacists are often on the first line of health care. In addition to dispensing medications and monitoring patients for adverse effects and interacting drugs, pharmacists provide important counselling services, such as proper selection of over-the-counter medications and/or referral to other health care providers. Today's pharmacists also must be versed in alternative medicines.

Students are posted in Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushadi started by KLE College of Pharmacy and Dept. of Pharmacy Practice as it gives quality medicines at affordable prices and also an opportunity for the students to experience the practice in community settings and improve their knowledge and skills in various aspects like:

ü  Prescription analysis

ü  Monitoring of drug utilization

ü  Health promotion

ü  Medication errors monitoring

ü  Pharmaceutical care practice

ü  Dispensing of medicines



Clinical Practice SiteKLE Hospital – We Care, We Cure.                 
KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital is a real quaternary care hospital located in the heart of the Belagavi of Karnataka bordering Goa, Maharashtra state, and neighborhoods. We have 2400 beds by some standards, one of the largest multispecialty hospitals in India. 

KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital & Medical Research Centre, in collaboration with the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC), brings together a dedicated team of physicians, surgeons, and healthcare specialists to provide healthcare and hospitality under one roof, thus giving it a perfect academic-and-professional blend.   With its foundation stones laid way back in 1996, this hospital is now spread across an all-encompassing 16-acre of land in the outskirts of the city and is blessed with facilities that satisfy all needs in any discipline of health sciences.
This hospital has adapted itself to the need of the hour and hence upgraded itself to the technology thus proving its progress. This hospital has already been regarded as the best in the world of healthcare and hospitals backed with recognition from the Government of Goa (under its various schemes), industries in Maharashtra, Karnataka, thus reflecting the hospital’s growth in terms of caliber, specialty services, and economic benefits.

This prestigious hospital and research center is constantly setting a benchmark for the standard institutions in the country and hence now being regarded as a top-notch hospital of North Karnataka.


KLE Dr. Prabhakar Kore Charitable Hospital

 In consonance with the philosophy of the KLE Society, the PKCH provides free health care in the basic specialties to the poor people of this part of the country. At present, there are 1250 beds in the hospital and with 80 to 90% occupancy, it provides an excellent range of clinical material to the undergraduate(UG) and posts graduate(PG) students and researchers. 

Charity at its best:

The PKCH provides free health care in basic specialties. Any patient can opt for admission to PKCH. The stay, food, basic investigations, medicines, operations, deliveries, nursing, and doctor care are totally free. Free food is provided from the ‘Annapoorneshwari’ scheme which runs on generous donations from philanthropists. 

Clinical Trial/Research Facilities

Dept. of Pharmacy Practice actively coordinates Various Clinical Trials conducted at our Hospital in different capacities. and also this facility serves as a training site for our students, We Impart Fellowship in Clinical Trials and MSc Clinical Research programs.

 Site Management Office:

KAHER Site Management Organization (SMO) provides clinical trial-related services to medical device companies, Pharmaceutical Sponsors, and its representative. This has adequate infrastructure and staff to meet the requirements of the clinical trial protocol. SMO also perpetrate as a service provider for investigators at our hospital, towards all spheres of implementation of clinical trials. The use of an SMO can also help the investigator concentrate on patient recruitment, reducing the burden of the investigator and cost. ICE with Dept. of pharmacy practice conduct regular GCP-ICH training and workshops for interns, students. KLE is imparting MSc. in clinical research, fellowship programs in clinical research, and conducts regular orientation in bioethics. Pharm. D interns are posted in SMO for training in clinical trials.



Community Engagements





Unit Dosage Formulation

TPN Reconstitution

Cytotoxic Drug Reconstitution

1.      Unit dosage formulation/Dose division:

Right drug at the right time. Individualization of doses is important for desired clinical effects and good patient care. Our department is extensively rendering the solid dose division services to the patients in NICU, PICU, Cardiology, and Nephrology department. 

2.      Reconstitution of Cytotoxic Drugs:

Faculties and Pharm. D interns of the department are catering reconstitution of cytotoxic drugs services to the oncology department in the hospital. 

3.      Total Parenteral Nutrition:

Total parenteral nutrition involves the intravenous administration of nutritionally sufficient and balanced formulations to supply essential nutrition to patients who are unable to tolerate oral or external feeding due to dysfunctional or inaccessible gastrointestinal tract, over the years 



Pharm. D, Pharm. D (PB), M. Pharm (Pharmacy Practice), MSc. Clinical Research and Fellowship in Clinical Research

 1. Pharm. D Program: It is a six-year professional Pharmacy doctoral program. The program emphasizes the development and application of Clinical Pharmacy services and constitutes of five years of didactic lectures and research projects followed by one year of Internship. The first batch graduated in the year 2020.

2. Pharm. D (PB) Program:  A three-year pharmacy doctoral program after B. Pharmacy. It constitutes of five years of didactic lectures and research projects followed by one year of Internship. The first batch graduated in August 2018.

3. M. Pharm (Pharmacy Practice): M. Pharm (Pharmacy Practice) is a two academic year post-graduate in pharmacy practice course. It consists of one year of lectures followed by one year of research. The first batch graduated in 2001.

4. MSc. Clinical Research: It is a four semester (two-year) post-graduate course in clinical research. Three semester of academic lectures and followed by one semester of project work. The first batch graduated in the year 2015.

5. Fellowship in Clinical Research: It is a six months of hands on training on clinical research. The first batch graduated in the year 2020.


Following are diverse career options available to Pharm. D / Pharm. D (PB), M. Pharm (Pharmacy Practice), MSc. Clinical Research, and Fellowship in clinical research graduates:

1)      Clinical Pharmacist:

Clinical Pharmacists along with physicians takes the responsibility for medication therapy management, especially for chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma. Clinical pharmacist are also working in specialty clinics like anticoagulation clinics, critical care clinics, cardiology clinic etc.

2)      Community Pharmacy:

Considered first line of health care. Community pharmacist not only dispense medications but also provide patient counselling on OTC medications and monitor patients for adverse effects and drug interactions.

3)      Governmental agencies:

Local, State and Central Government Agencies such as State Pharmacy Councils, Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC), Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO), need skilled pharmacists.

4)      Hospital Pharmacy:

Most graduates pursue their careers in hospital pharmacy. Pharmacists in hospitals monitors the patient and adjust their medications in consultation with the physicians.

5)      Managed care:

Practiced in developed countries, where it mainly focuses on preventive care. Pharmacist in managed care optimizes of drug therapy, develops drug formularies, and evaluate therapeutic protocols thereby; reducing hospitalizations.

6)      The Pharmaceutical Industry:

The Pharmaceutical industry recognizes the need for technical proficiency among product development personnel. Pharm. Ds and M. Pharms are recruited in the area of pharmacovigilance, Clinical trials, medical writing, medical affairs, etc.

7)      Pharmacoeconomics:

Demand for Pharmacoeconomists is steadily increasing day by day. Governmental agencies, professional associations, health insurance providers, hospital administration departments, health care consultancy organizations, national and international pharmaceutical companies are likely to recruit pharmacoeconomists.

8)      Specialized Area Opportunities:

Clinical Pharmacists with specialization in specific areas such as drug information, poison control, and specialized clinics are gaining interest with time. Pharm. D and M. Pharm graduates can pursue a doctor of philosophy (Ph. D).

9)      Research and Postdoc Opportunities:

Pharm. D graduates are eligible to join for Postdoc program in various national and international universities.

10)  Foreign Pharmacy Licensure Examinations:

Licensure process of foreign countries is different and their assessment of a candidate’s competence to practice as a pharmacist vary from country to country. Pharm. D and M. Pharm (Pharmacy Practice) graduates are eligible to apply for foreign Pharmacy licensure examinations such as NAPLEX (USA). 

ALUMNI Testimonials:

Department Faculty

Professor & Head
Shashikala Wali
Mrs. Shashikala Wali
Associate Professor
Geetanjali Salimath
Mrs. Geetanjali Salimath
Assistant Professor
Manjula G
Miss. Manjula G
Assistant Professor
Satish  Karoli
Dr. Satish Karoli
Assistant Professor
Anushree Deshpande
Dr. Anushree Deshpande
Assistant Professor
Revana siddappa D
Mr. Revana siddappa D
Assistant Professor
Ramesh Bhandari
Dr. Ramesh Bhandari
Assistant Professor
Aishwarya Hiremath
Miss. Aishwarya Hiremath
Assistant Professor
Deepthi Avvaru
Dr. Deepthi Avvaru
Assistant Professor
Miss. Spurti Patil
Assistant Professor
Mandati Santhosh Reddy
Dr. Mandati Santhosh Reddy
Assistant Professor
Ashwini Doddannavar
Dr. Ashwini Doddannavar
Assistant Professor