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Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is an increasingly important area of biotechnology contributing to design, development and delivery of bio Pharmaceuticals new therapeutic drugs & diagnostic agents, such as antibiotics, virus’s nucleic acids and therapeutic proteins. In the next century, the major driving force for biotechnology will be the strategic use of genomic information.

The Master of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Program prepares students for leadership in the critically important and dynamic industries of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaceutical biotechnology draws upon disciplines such as microbiology, biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology. The Master’s program of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is designed to teach students an advanced understanding of biomedicine and the biotechnological product development and production process.

Career choices in Pharmacy Practice

Students from this department are ideally suited for

  • Executive position in the biotechnological research,
  • Product development and production process.
  • Careers in academics,
  • Clinical trials,
  • Marketing and sales of biotechnological products.


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