Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Research Information Attachments

Overview of the Department

“In the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, we synthesis/isolate & explore molecules of therapeutic relevance for better health, empowered by novel technologies at the interface of chemistry, analysis, and computational sciences.




  • Pharmaceutical chemistry thrives on the broad goals of drug discovery and optimization of new chemical entities suitable for therapeutic use. Our research apprehends the biological roles of drugs, proteins & cellular design, their structure-activity relationships (SAR) along with their ADME properties to apply these principles for the therapeutic benefit of patients.
  • For this, our department offers a wide area of research in new drug discovery process to probe new biomolecules; novel and better ways to enhance their therapeutic efficacy.
  • We also create and continually refine the quality aspects of bioactives and drug formulations through process and development of new analytical methods and bio analytical fluids with aims to assure efficacy, fitness and stability.
  • Computer-aided drug design and new biotechnological approaches are opening new avenues in the field of medicinal chemistry.



  • Synthetic Drug Discovery of new chemical entities.
  • Exploring bioactives from natural sources.
  • Novel Analytical Method Development for new drugs in dosage forms and biological fluids.
  • In-Silico Drug designs (Schrodinger, ChemOffice).
  • Drug Polymorphism Studies.
  • Isolation and purification of drug molecules from synthetic and natural sources using Chromatographic techniques – HPLC, HPTLC, Flash.
  • Anticancer, Antitubercular, antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory management studies.
  • Pharmacokinetics studies for drug design.


·        Organic & Medicinal Chemistry Division

·        Drug Discovery & Development (CADD)

·        Formulation & Development Division

·        Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Division

·        Pharmaceutical Bulk Drug Division

·        Pharmaceutical Analytical R & D

·        Quality Control & Quality Assurance Division

·        Marketing and Medicinal Detailing Division

·        Intellectual Property Rights Division



  • Multi-target drug discovery, design and Synthesis for complex diseases
  • Exploring New Drug Molecules from Natural Sources
  • Development of Analytical Techniques for New Drugs and their formulations
  • Drug Polymorphism Studies.

Department Faculty

Shankar Alegaon
Dr. Shankar Alegaon
Professor & Head
Parixit Bhandurge
Dr. Parixit Bhandurge
Associate Professor
B M Dinnimath
Dr. B M Dinnimath
Assistant Professor
Preeti Salve
Dr. Preeti Salve
Assistant Professor
Kiran N  Gaikwad
Mr. Kiran N Gaikwad
Assistant Professor
Rohini Kavalapure
Miss. Rohini Kavalapure
Assistant Professor
Shailendra  Suryawanshi
Mr. Shailendra Suryawanshi
Assistant Professor
Nikhil Gawas
Mr. Nikhil Gawas
Assistant Professor
Rohan Singadi
Mr. Rohan Singadi
Assistant Professor
pooja Kagawad
Miss. pooja Kagawad
Assistant Professor